Reviews Hondrogel

  • Renate
    When pain in the lower back I use Hondrogel. I already tried, nothing better found. Removing pain, quite a few applications to condition really improved. Bag to me is enough for one application. Use: in the morning and before bed. Unpleasant odor from gel, no.
  • Tomas
    The cream Hondrogel I learned, when I first sprained my ankle. I had a dislocated joint, was restored for a very long time. Oh, and I'm tired of it. Gave a lot of money on creams and treatments. That bought, only Hondrogel I significantly helped. Swelling has removed and eliminated the pain. Joint gradually recovered thanks to this effective tool.
  • Renate
    I was very lucky that my mother advised me Hondrogel. I had muscle pain, I have never seen this condition but my mother regularly uses funds from the pain in joints and muscles. She said that in my case Hondrogel will help for 2-3 days. It turned out to be true! Three days later I was again in the ranks. Suggest!
  • Helga
    When I chose a treatment for the joints, I first looked at it. Hondrogel I liked that in the composition of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The rest of the ingredients are natural, I don't know whether they are useless. But collagen, hyaluronic acid and shark oil is what you need for the joints even healthy people.
  • Andreas
    About the drug Hondrogel know for a long time, looked after themselves before the onset of winter. Waited for the gel will be a discount. I have in the cold season often suffer from stiff joints, we have to use ointments. Gel helps me to get rid of the pain, and the massage I'm doing when applied, improves mobility of the joint. Good tool and cheap.
Reviews Hondrogel